A Day in the Life of a M&E Clerk of Works

A Day in the Life of a M&E Clerk of Works

We interviewed one of our Clerk of Works to find out about their daily duties, defects that commonly arise and the processes that are taken to repot these, and if Covid-19 has changed the way they work on-site, including new safety measures.

  1. Tell us about your typical day on-site?

“After signing in, I make the site team aware of my presence, quickly make myself aware of what activities predominate on site, and what activities are arising in the near future. Checks include labour levels, material deliveries, any problematic install/material issues since the last visit, accident book, safety notices and insurances, to name a few.

“With this clear proactive focus on priorities, including any particular items from my previous site inspection and report, I carry out a detailed inspection and check preparations for forthcoming activities from a quality control/compliance perspective. During my inspection I take comprehensive notes and photographs, including progress photos, identifying items of concern, including any coordination or integration issues that can arise between the various elements involved in the construction process. As part of my role, I check that the construction and aesthetics, specific fire strategy, energy performance, and material requirements, are being followed.

“When my inspection is complete, I raise any immediate concerns with the site team to nip potential problems in the bud. If there are any items that need “red flagging”, I do so in advance of issuing my comprehensive report which is compliant with Hickton’s template, and ensure it is fine-tuned where needed to meet individual client and project needs.”

2.How did COVID-19 affect this?

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had little impact on my role, I continued to carry out site inspections keeping to the measures in place, including wearing a face mask and remaining at a safe distance from others. I have found that sites have taken these rules very seriously and have incorporated the new measures into their site safety procedures in order to protect the workforce. In the rare occasion that a breach of the COVID-19 regulations or normal site rules has been found, this has been reported immediately.”

  1. What types of defects do you encounter?

“I come across all types of defects on site, some of the most common ones include brickwork, mortar, roofing integrity, decorations, thermal & acoustic insulation, fire sealing, defective materials, damp proofing and sealing, fire collars, inadequate access provision, to plant/equipment, concrete mix pours, non-compliant dry lining fixings, pipework and ductwork, earthing, lack of full certification.”

  1. What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

“No major challenges. With my comprehensive experience across a wide range of projects, enhanced by excellent communication skills, I can cope well with the individual characteristics of each individual site to ensure that client priorities within my remit are met.”

  1. How do you ensure that you are adding value to a project?

“I ensure there is early recognition of defects and potential problems to avoid costly remedial work too far down the line. I also ensure I minimise programming implications and provide solution and advice for construction/installation issues that can arise.

“Lastly, by notifying the client of any issues with quality, information, procurement, labour levels, testing, commissioning, and building regulations and planning compliance that could impact on the outcome of the project, I can add value and minimise costs.”

  1. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

“Carrying out my role proactively as part of the overall team effort at all levels, knowing I have made a tangible contribution to the success of many projects whilst capturing in the process many issues early on which might have had a significant adverse impact further down the line.

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