An interview with Operations Manager, Jonathan King

Last week we had the opportunity to catch up with our Operations Manager, Jonathan King for interview about the early stages of his career right up to his current position at Hickton.

Find out about his day-to-day role, challenges he faces and advice to anyone looking to start out a career in the construction industry.

What job did you want to do growing up?

Initially a professional Rugby Player but serious injury put an end to that! Plan B was to be an Architect, I was very creative and artistic at school (I’m left-handed which apparently is a trait).

What was your background before Hickton?

Predominantly in construction working on commercial/residential and retail projects as a Bricklayer.

Have you always worked in the Construction industry?

No, I have also spent time working with ex-offenders rehabilitating them back into work which was extremely challenging and rewarding and helped expand both my work and life experience.

When and how did you become Operations Manager?

I was appointed as Operations Manager in May 2018, having previously worked as Resource Manager for 3 and a half years. I would like to think I was appointed as Operations Manager by building a thorough understanding of all areas of our business, leading by example, working hard and demonstrating both determination and positive approach to my work, earning the respect of my internal colleagues and external colleagues along the way.

What does your day to day role consist of?

It’s hard to describe as no day is the same as the previous. It’s a varied role covering the whole of the UK. One day I can be client facing for interviews in London for new projects and developing existing relationships on current projects, by ensuring we provide the overall high standards of service we strive to achieve. The next day I might be spending time with our site inspectors in Birmingham visiting projects they are working on and reanalysing their own personal requirements in terms of workload, which to us is equally important to us as part of our overall service delivery.

What is your main aim as Operations Manager?

To deliver our business plan and objectives, ideally over-achieve on an annual basis. This with an overall peripheral view of the future direction the business both strategically and commercially by working integrally with other specialist teams internally and by cementing relationships with our inspectors and clients externally.

Are there any challenges, and if so, what are these?

Many! Deadlines to achieve both internally and externally, high service levels to maintain consistently and continually, key performance indicators which need to be achieved on a weekly and monthly basis and overall a reputation to maintain/enhance which has been developed over 29 years!

What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The challenge, the diverse project types that we are involved with and that I get to visit some fantastic locations throughout the UK, equally importantly that I get to spend face to face time with highly experienced construction professionals both within and outside of our organisation.

Have you come across any out of the ordinary projects or jobs?

Yes, in different ways. I have a passion for historic buildings being restored to their original status which makes me envious of historic traditional construction methods. I’ve also been involved with projects on behalf of individuals of high public status and have had the opportunity to meet them directly – these are individuals you’d not generally get to meet in day to day life.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a career in this industry?

The construction industry gets a lot of negative publicity – some rightly and some wrongly, however I have personally been able to create a solid, sustainable career path within the industry. It is highly publicised that there are skills shortages and this would be the ideal opportunity for both male and females to embark on a career in a highly rewarding work environment, both in terms of seeing the end result of what you have been a part of constructing, but equally the financial rewards that are available for professional and meticulous construction workers.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! I would say be more confident in your own abilities, work hard, apply yourself with tenacity, make sacrifices short term to enhance opportunities long term, but most importantly stay truthful and honest to your personal values and beliefs…


If you have a question you would like to ask Jonathan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01226 743959 or email us at

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