Awards ceremony with South Yorkshire Community Foundation

Kindness comes in many forms and it is always a pleasure to see positive results of so many great acts of kindness undertaken by vast amounts of selfless individuals who live and work within our communities, and the awards ceremony co-ordinated by South Yorkshire Community Foundation, was a great way to showcase all nominees and winners efforts under one roof.

South Yorkshire Community Foundation is a local charity that supports a wide range of community groups to improve the communities in which they live. They hold an annual awards night to acknowledge all efforts undertaken by individuals who have made a positive impact to their local community, and this year it was hosted in Sheffield Cathedral on the 3rd October.

Members of our Group Marketing department, Kathy Clarke and Emma Holt, were invited to the celebrations and were stunned by the diverse range of activities undertaken by people within our local community. These ranged from business professionals setting up organisations to help support individuals who fall victim to a wide range of addictions, and new local activity groups to encourage physical and mental well-being, through to young children who bake delicious cakes just to simply offer kindness to people who they believe need it.

“As one of our CSR Ambassadors at Hickton Group, I was thrilled to meet so many inspirational people and to see the vast amounts of groups which SYCF support. I think any acts of kindness whether in the workplace or in our community goes a long way to support people.”

Group Marketing Executive, Emma Holt

Hickton Group collaborate with South Yorkshire Community Foundation working together to formulate a CSR strategy and to plan all CSR efforts ranging from sponsorship opportunities, fund-raising activities, pro-bono work and working with the local communities on initiatives.


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