Elsecar Park Mural

Elsecar Park, which is set within the attractive 18th century conservation village of Elsecar, and local to our head office, was recently victim to vandalism, so the local community group ‘Friends of Elsecar Park’ collaborated with Elsecar Holy Trinity C.E Primary Academy and Virgin to create a colourful mural to cover up the graffiti and to display pupils’ delightful artwork instead.

The mural which is displayed on the reservoir walls underneath the bridge adjacent to the Elsecar reservoir, was generously white washed by the team at Virgin, as they wanted to ‘give something back’ to the local community as part of their corporate social responsibility. Virgin recognised disruption may have been caused to the local community whilst installing new virgin cabling which took several months to complete.

Pupils at Elsecar Holy Trinity C.E Primary Academy, a local school located less than half a mile away from the park, drew and painted their favourite animals and objects which could be found in trees. Volunteers of the Friends of Eslecar Park then carefully re-created these images onto the large painted trees to form the new mural.

The mural consists of colourful birds, squirrels, owls and other creatures displaying the pupils name and age, and it is hoped will discourage further graffiti and vandalism at a park which is loved and visited by residents across the wider community.

“I was delighted to help co-ordinate and liaise with the Friends of Elsecar Park and Elsecar Holy Trinity C.E Primary Academy as part of our own corporate social responsibility. The mural looks wonderful.”

Head of Marketing, Kathy Clarke

Hickton Quality Control

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