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NEC Supervisor Services

An NEC Supervisor (sometimes referred to as Supervisor) role differs slightly to that of a Clerk of Works. A Supervisor will act independently to the project managers and is responsible for monitoring, witness testing, checking compliance with the works information and that all works are carried out in accordance with the contract.

Our Supervisors can:

  • Ensure that the contractor satisfies the quality standards set in the works information.
  • Have the authority to issue instructions to search for defects.
  • Be specifically responsible for issuing Defects Certificates.
  • Have the right attitude which should be team-spirited, proactive and systematic.

Our scope of works could include:

  • Undertaking site visits to carry out the scope of works at the frequency and duration agreed with the client or appointed person.
  • Being responsible for ensuring that the installation is carried out in accordance with the works information and that any changes will be implemented with the prior consent of the client or appointed person.
  • Forming a full understanding of the works information and if requested, assisting in establishing any further works information.
  • Providing written reports to the client or appointed person throughout the project as to whether the contractor complies with the works information.
  • Issuing communications as per the requirements of the NEC3/4 contract.
  • Replying to all communications within the period for reply stated within the contract.
  • Reviewing any proposed changes to the works information provided by the contractor for compliance and reporting to the client or appointed person.
  • Assisting in the resolution of queries arising on site to ensure that work proceeds in an effective and professional manner.
  • Marking equipment, plant and materials outside working area for payment purposes.
  • Checking that the quality plan for the project is being observed, and that quality audits are carried out as programmed and non-conforming elements are dealt with properly.
  • Coordinating and managing defect identification and inspection procedures.
  • With the agreement of the project manager, instructing the contractor to search for a defect, providing details of why the search was instructed.
  • Notifying the contractor of defects found before the defects date.
  • Informing the client or appointed person of defects and issuing the relevant notices.
  • Assisting with inspections following completion to monitor the correction of defects and reporting on the progress to the client or appointed person.
  • Making recommendations as to whether or not defects have been adequately corrected by the contractor.
  • Issuing the Defects Certificate at the later of the defects date and the last defect correction period.
  • Assisting the client or appointed person together with the cost consultant in analysing compensation events. Providing advice to the employer and client or appointed person in the event of any dispute in relation to the design, supply, manufacture and installation of the works.
  • Examining copies of record drawings provided by the contractor, and advising the client or appointed person as to whether they comply with the works information.
  • Taking regular progress photographs and providing a monthly report detailing progress and actions against the Supervisor’s duties.
  • Maintaining a detailed site diary recording all plant, materials and labour utilised by the contractor.
  • Reviewing operation and maintenance manuals and issuing the client or appointed person with comments and final approval of documents once comments are complete.
  • Assisting the project team to conduct a post-construction review of the project and preparing a report of its findings for the client or appointed person.

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