Technical reviews

Technical reviews

Our technical review service includes a ‘desktop review’ of your tender information. We can provide you with commentary on the practical elements of construction and if necessary suggest alternative construction methods and options whilst maintaining the design intent.

Typically, this service will include:

  • Reviewing the tender drawings and specifications and advising on the general completeness of the information provided.
  • Identifying gaps in the information and reporting generally on any omissions, coordination issues, contradictions and clashes.
  • Advising on possible alternative construction methods.
  • Reviewing design proposals to identify opportunities for the standardisation of proposed components and fittings to ease your maintenance regime and storage of replacement parts.
  • Reviewing design proposals to identify interfaces between details that may present opportunities for simplification in construction sequencing without reducing the integrity of the details and at the same time maintaining the design intent.
  • Reviewing design proposals with the view to optimising the reduction of on-site materials wastage.
  • Reviewing proposals and key details to ensure integrity of the detail in respect of thermal bridging and water ingress.

Value engineering and buildability

Our value engineering and buildability option is an extension to our technical review service.

Typically, this service will include:

  • Reviewing proposals and specifications of materials with a view to proposing alternative materials or construction techniques.
  • Reviewing design proposals with the view to mitigating the risk in the handling of heavy components by reducing the size of the component, the selection of a lighter but similar material or simplifying the fixing detail.
  • Reviewing proposals in respect of details and specified materials regarding robustness in use for the type or area of the building e.g. a detail commonly used in a domestic situation may not be suitable for a public building.
  • Identifying components or materials that may require specific care or consideration and ensure that provisions are in place on site to maintain the integrity of the product and safeguard the manufacturer’s warranty e.g. fire rated glazed screens.
  • Providing feedback experience from similar projects on materials in use.

The review is independent with an aim to help develop the design to include:

  • Robust details that are fit for purpose and consider whole-life costs.
  • Detailed consideration of the construction sequence to suit the most cost effective method of assembly.
  • Proposals for alternative details and/or materials with cost savings to you and any pros and cons of alternatives which we will highlight to you.

Design and build workshops

Through the use of design and build forms of contracts, a large part of the detailed design is undertaken by specialist sub-contractors. The pressure of competitive pricing, drawn out procurement and the demands of the programme can lead to sub-contractor designs simply being an issue of standard details rather than bespoke solutions to suit the actual project. This often leads to non-standard parts of the works being built to whatever details the team undertaking the works thinks right.

As part of this service, we work with your existing design team and key sub-contractors to facilitate a series of workshops which will:

  • Ensure that the design objective and intent are understood and taken into account.
  • Agree the ‘deliverables’ that the sub-contractor should provide, and any agreed time scales.
  • Review and comment on the design details in addition to the design teams approval process.
  • Provide practical advice and point out potential problems from the prospective of years of accumulated knowledge of inspecting buildings and seeing what goes wrong.