Walton Conservatory Range

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Walton Conservatory Range


Photo credit: Andy Gilbert 

Client: Warrington Borough Council

Discipline: Building Clerk of Works Services

Construction value: £2.35m

Project Description:

We were appointed by Warrington Borough Council to provide Clerk of Works services at Walton Hall and Gardens, to restore and revitalise the existing conservatory, glasshouses and shippon building – transforming the site into a community hub providing educational, retail, office and workshop space.

The brickwork was generally in very good condition, with more than 90% of the bricks on site today originally dating from 1899-1910. The walls were dismantled brick by brick, cleaned, assessed for damage and rebuilt. The original lime mortar was analysed and a similar lime mortar used, to allow any moisture to leave the walls through the mortar rather than damaging the bricks.

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