The Copyright Building, W1

We first became involved in this new office and retail development back in 2015 with a view to our site involvement commencing May 2016. Berners Street W1— where The Copyright Building stands— was originally developed as a residential street by the Berners Estate in the mid-eighteenth century and is situated in an area known as Fitzrovia.

The Copyright Building is one of the highest-value offices in the Westminster district and offers 107,150 sq ft of office and retail space. The property previously owned by Derwent London has recently been sold to Union Investment Real Estate GmbH (Union Investment).

Since our commencement back in May 2016 we have provided full-time Building Clerk of Works services to Blackburn & Co.—a project management and consultancy for the UK property sector—overseeing the quality control aspects on site. The project is due to complete in the next couple of months.

This is our first project with Blackburn & Co. and will join other prestigious projects worked on in our capital, including the iconic Battersea Power Station development and the Tower of London hotel for citizenM.

 ‘Our dedicated Building Clerk of Works is diligently working on this project, inspecting all the building aspects to ensure that quality isn’t compromised in any way. We have enjoyed being part of the construction team and hope to work with Blackburn & Co. in near future.’

— Project Manager Rawaz Khan

Clerks of Works are an essential part of the site team and are dedicated to the inspection of the construction works throughout the duration of the project. If you wish to view our range of inspection services, please visit our services page at or speak to a member of our technical team on 01226 743959.

Hickton Quality Control

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