The Role Of A Clerk Of Works

The Role Of A Clerk Of Works

If you require the highest standard of quality on your construction project, a Clerk of Works is an essential part of the site team. Clerk of Works, also known as Site Inspectors, Quality Assessors or NEC Supervisors, is there for you to inspect the construction works throughout the duration of construction.

What does a Clerk of Works do?

A Clerk of Works provides an independent assessment of the works undertaken, checking the quality of the build, M&E, structural and architectural works. They produce regular reports and a dialogue with the design team. Reports include a site diary; photographic evidence; progression of the works against the programme; site meeting information and highlight any potential risks. Clerk of Works can be appointed directly by the end-client or sub-let through a project team member and can attend the site on a full or part-time basis depending on your project requirements. Whereas many consultants’ time can be limited on site, our Clerk of Works is there reviewing the work under construction and acting as your ‘eyes and ears’ on site.

Their role typically consists of:

  • Checking all critical stages to ensure that the quality meets both the specification and the expectation of the end user.
  • Highlighting potential specification design issues for comments before they affect construction and programme.
  • Checking for component clashes.
  • Giving a view on completion dates as work progress.
  • Auditing workforce attendance if required.
  • Reporting any unresolved concerns.

Why choose Hickton?

  • Our experienced Clerk of Works will build a good relationship with your construction team, and are dedicated to getting things done right-first-time, saving you time and money.
  • We have an ISO 9001 Quality Management system, accredited by NQA which has been held since 1993, and an internal electronic library containing technical references for their use online.
  • We have the necessary procedures in place, specifically developed to ensure that good construction techniques are provided, enabling the highest standards of quality throughout your project.
  • We are on-hand to ensure that you are protected from defects and deficiencies that might impact on your construction and future maintenance budgets.
  • Our Inspectors endeavour to get the right level of workmanship from the contractor. We follow our company values of quality; client focus; integrity; teamwork and continuous improvement.

In the past five years, we have been involved in the inspection of £6.5bn worth of construction works across the UK.

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