Working with leading contractors to improve the quality of UK construction

After celebrating our 25th year in the construction industry it’s reassuring to see that more and more construction teams are utilising the services of a Clerk of Work. Recently we have noticed a shift in the industry with leading contractors appointing us directly onto their projects.

So why is this? The very nature of the role of a Clerk of Works is to offer independent quality inspections and defects reporting during each stage of the build to ensure that the project finishes on time, within budget and without further remedial work. Our handpicked quality site inspectors offer proactive assistance and successfully integrate into the existing construction team. It is therefore no surprise to us that contractors are recognising the value in this.

‘Our Clerks of Works typically start their careers on site and come from a trades background progressing to become inspectors of quality. They have the necessary skills, experience and foresight to add value to any site team.’
– Resource Manager Jon King

We believe that perceptions are changing because:

a. Contractors are benefiting from our extensive industry skills and expertise. We have over 90 Clerks of Works that have decades of experience and specialist expertise which is being utilised in a positive way. We offer pre-construction surveys and advice, technical reviews, auditing and coaching.

b. We measure and report on performance which ultimately assists contractors to help improve UK construction.
‘Leading contractors are now partnering and appointing us directly to be mentors and inspectors on sites with a varied level of service depending on their support requirements. This is something which we are delighted about as we can share our practical knowledge to help others construct work right first time.’
– Managing Director Tony Mobbs

We will continue to champion ‘quality in construction’ and have our client’s interest at heart and ensure that the construction projects we work on stand the test of time and are built to quality required in each contract.

Clerks of Works are an essential part of the site team inspecting the construction works throughout the duration of the project. To view our service office please visit our services page or speak to a member of our technical team on 01226 743959.

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