Working with University of Leeds on multiple projects

Working with our existing client, University of Leeds, we were appointed on new developments which will lead the University’s already extensive facilities even further.

Amongst these, we have been appointed on CIEL SPEN Farm, to provide Building Clerk of Works services. The University is investing in new facilities at its farm to be able to carry out research into nutrition, production, behaviour, welfare and production system research, thanks to a significant investment from the University of Leeds and the Government. More details about the project, including its aims, can be found here:

“We are pleased to be working with The University of Leeds on multiple projects. Being able to provide independent site inspections to oversee quality control aspects of their projects demonstrates the  commitment to quality construction.”

Operations Manager, Jon King

As a leading Quality Site Inspection company that has been championing quality for the last 28 years, it’s our job to inspect and report on areas of construction to help maintain quality standards, identify costly defects, delays and to reduce risk.

To speak about Quality Site inspection service, contact our team on 01226 743959 or visit for more information.


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