Clerk of Works

Quality Site Inspection across the UK

We are an award-winning and leading national Quality Site Inspection consultancy providing local Quality Site Inspectors (Clerks of Works) for your construction projects. We provide comprehensive Quality Site Inspection services ranging from Clerk of Works and NEC Supervisory services, through to technical reviews and one off-independent inspection with the aim to improve the quality of UK construction for nationwide clients.

For the last thirty years, we have worked with a diverse client portfolio, located across all regions of the UK, to ensure that their construction projects are built and delivered to a high-quality standard in accordance with their documented requirements.

We are your dedicated professional on site specifically focused on quality and ensuring that specifications and quality standards are met.


Tony Mobbs

Tony Mobbs


If you want your construction projects to be built to the highest standards possible then you will need a reputable Quality Site Inspection consultancy behind you to look after your investment.
Our services

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    • NEC Supervisor

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    • Audit
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    • One-off independent

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