NEC Supervisor Services

NEC Supervisor Services

  What is an NEC Supervisors role?


An NEC Supervisor, often referred to as a Supervisor, role differs slightly to a Clerk of Works. 

While both roles involve oversight and quality control on construction projects, the NEC Supervisor operates with a degree of independence from the project managers.

The responsibility of a Supervisor is to monitor and assess various aspects of the project. This includes closely observing the construction process, conducting witness testing, and  checking for compliance with the works information which serves as the blueprint for the project.  

a man in a high vis vest and wearing a helmet taking a photo of a staircase and carrying out an inspection

 What is the benefit of assigning an NEC Supervisor?


 The Supervisor plays a crucial role in ensuring that all activities on the construction site adhere strictly to the terms and conditions stipulated within the contract. 

How can we add value to your build?

Differences between NEC Supervisor and Clerk of Works

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