Meet Becci, our Company Secretary

Meet Becci, our Company Secretary

What have been your biggest achievements in the last year, both in work and in your personal life?

For me, every year with the company is an achievement, seeing the changes that are made and challenges that are always worked through. I have seen the company grow so much, and year on year it continues. The fact that I am part of that growth, along with the wonderful people I work with, makes me so proud.

Outside of work, my biggest achievement has to be managing to get my two young children to school on time every morning…! Even if it might include a little run to the playground most mornings – we call it our daily exercise!

Do you have any advice for women looking to get into the construction industry?

As a woman in the construction industry, my experience has been great. I’ve always felt equal to my male colleagues, and my managers have always made me feel that way too. So I’d say don’t be put off joining the construction industry – I’ve found it to be friendly and welcoming. I have had so many opportunities to develop and progress and have always had a great group of supportive colleagues around me.

Which woman is your biggest inspiration in life?

My biggest inspirations in life are my mum and my three sisters. They are by far the strongest, kindest and most powerful women I know, and I am forever grateful and proud that they are mine.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I am inspired by what women in the past have had to do to prove that we have a lot to offer in the workplace. The journey that they went on has enabled me to be where I am today and I am forever grateful. For me, IWD is a chance to reflect on this, and to celebrate the women in my life. I am proud to work alongside inspiring and successful women within the Hickton Group – we have very many of them!



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