Meet Jane, our Clerk of Works

Meet Jane, our Clerk of Works

What have been your biggest achievements in the last year, both in work and in your personal life?

It’s a simple one, but balancing my and work and family life well. Seeing projects through to hand over stage always feels like an achievement. And in my personal life, getting my son and daughter into a secondary school that they appear to be enjoying has also been a great achievement.

Do you have any comments on being a woman working in a male-dominated industry?

I do occasionally get people giving me a second glance on site, and operatives tend to assume that I am part of the health and safety team. But generally, I have not had any issues with working in a traditionally male industry. I’d say to any women looking to get into the construction industry that it’s a great environment to work in. Maybe avoid on-site roles if you don’t like mud or aren’t prepared to search for keys to the women’s WC!

Which woman is your biggest inspiration in life?

It’s a bit of a cliché, I know, but you can’t beat the Princess Anne and the late Queen for their reliability, hard work, and for just getting on with things. As a manager back in my Highway days used to say – just FDI!

Jane IWD (003)

Hickton Quality Control

Amber Court
51 Church Street
South Yorkshire
S74 8HT



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