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Quality site inspection for all stages of construction

Whether your project is at the pre-construction stage or has just been commissioned, we can assist you throughout all stages of your build.

Compliance at RIBA Stage 3 & 4

  • Liaising with the Client Representative and Project team and participation in pre-start meetings, progress project meetings, design team meetings.
  • Project familiarisation including contract drawings, schedules, proposed programme, bills of quantities, specifications, H&S, relevant British Standards and Approved Codes of Practice.
  • Advise (Comment on practical use of proposed) materials, construction details, samples.
  • Record documents to be used on site.
  • Liaising with third party organisations.

Compliance at RIBA Stage 5

  • Proactively monitor and oversee the works on site to ensure the Contractor is discharging their obligations in accordance with the Contract Documents, Contractors’ Method Statements and Construction Phase H&S Plan.
  • Keep a diary of events, drawing register and file of instructions with observations.
  • Check drawings for errors, discrepancies, and notify client.
  • Witness tests.
  • Inspect materials/components delivered for compliance.
  • Monitor the application of specified techniques.
  • Maintain records of variations and hidden work.
  • Inform of (Highlight to the team areas of) nonconforming work and urgent issues. (Request what corrective action is proposed and comment).
  • Attend site progress meetings by agreement.
  • Issues arising during site inspections recorded on a “site issues tracker” maintained in conjunction with the Contractor. This tracker will be issued weekly and include details of remedial action taken using a traffic light highlighting system.

Compliance at RIBA Stage 6 & 7

  • Monitor the procedures and actions identified in the commissioning and handover plans.
  • Ensure H&S measures are in accordance with the method statements to the commissioning plan.
  • Assist and monitor delivery of testing and certification.
  • Liaise with H&S representative to establish test certificates for service installations are being obtained and incorporated into the H&S file.
  • Co-ordinate with the Contractor to ensure snagging sign off prior to issue of Completion, Defect and Final Certificates by others and provide assistance during the handover procedures.
  • Upon receipt of the Contractor’s final snagging list carry out snagging prior to handover in conjunction with the Contractor. Facilitate issue of a copy of the list to the Client Representative / Project Manager.
  • Monitor and report on the Contractor’s progress in preparing all documentation required for Practical Completion.
  • Monitor the Contractor’s progress in making good snagging items in accordance with the snagging programme appended to the Certificate of Practical Completion. Inspect the Works to verify the Contractor’s completion of remedial works associated with the Snagging List.
  • In liaison with the Client Representative / Project Manager assist in verifying that the “as-built” drawings, CDM H&S File, and the operations and maintenance manuals have been produced by the Contractor in accordance with its duties.
  • Ensure planned maintenance detail sheets are compiled for the operation and maintenance manual.
  • Attend the end of making good defects meeting, confirm to the Client Representative / Project Manager that all outstanding defects/snagging have been satisfactorily completed.
  • Participate in post-completion review of the project to enable future improvements to design, procurement, and administration.

To view some of the construction schemes we have worked on please take a look at our projects page.

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