Who uses us?

Working with the entire construction team

A wide range of small and large public, private and corporate organisations appoint us to inspect and report on the quality of construction on their projects, ensuring that work carried out by the contractor is constructed in accordance with the specification and contract agreed.

We will work hard to ensure that we enhance your projects and believe the value that we add will benefit the whole construction team regardless of your industry or organisation.

Clients use us who want a quality approach to construction

  • Our quality control professionals report on the quality of workmanship and materials during the practical process of construction so that your projects are built using good construction techniques and to specification. The electronic report includes photographic evidence and observations of significant points, quality control and witnessing, site progress and activities, health and safety and defects. Through this process we encourage the team to “get it right first time” and avoid time wasting and expensive remedial work.

Clients use us who are interested in the entire construction costs

  • The value that we add to the build process can reduce the number of defects and the need for avoidable future repair and unplanned maintenance costs in your projects.

Clients use us who are short staffed

  • We can compliment your in-house inspection team by providing you with specialist advice ‘as and when’ you require it and offer a flexible service where you determine the visitation levels. We can input into your specifications to assist in checking for errors and offer valuable advice from site experienced professionals who can assist your project manager, contractor and principal designer with buildability and practical aspects of your health and safety plan.

Tenderers use us to help them win bid

  • With access to over 100 Quality Control Inspectors and our Head Office expertise, we can provide national support to your tenders with a unique selling point through your commitment of an independent inspector to assess control quality onsite.

Clients use us when they want their technical staff trained or mentored

  • Our experienced site staff can provide training and guidance if required offering you guidance on quality construction techniques demonstrating best practice and sharing ideas with you with the aim to add to your existing skills as part of your learning and professional development.
 To view some of the construction schemes we have worked on please take a look at our projects page.