Replacement Cladding projects across the UK

As a leading national provider of Quality Site Inspection services, we are appointed onto construction projects regularly because of the value that we add to the build process through onsite quality inspection and reporting.

Following the “Building a Safer Future: An Implementation Plan” presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government along with the Hackitt Review, emphasis was put on the need for regular inspection of work during construction to check that specified materials and standards of workmanship have been adhered to.

We have been approached consistently by existing and new clients to provide technical inspections for cladding replacement projects throughout the UK. The cladding is being replaced with non-combustible cladding solutions which often includes the build-up of proprietary fixing systems, insulation and waterproofing. Our Clerk of Works provide either weekly or daily inspections which look for compliance from cladding panels, insulation and cavity barriers built on site. We recently provided quality inspections on a project in reading to assess the replacement of cladding to the upper two-storeys of a dwelling. Alterations were needed to ensure the installation was in accordance with contractual requirements agreed by the design team and client. Similarly, we were appointed to a project in Nottingham to inspect the removal of ACM and its replacement installation for a fourteen-storey building. This was followed by three developments in Lincoln and most recently we have been instructed to provide Site Inspections for a re-cladding project in Bournemouth.

“We understand the importance of ensuring buildings comply with the relevant Building Regulations and are completed with a high level of quality workmanship. Replacement cladding projects have become a significantly high priority across the UK since 2017 and we are pleased to be playing our part in helping the industry achieve the revised and required safety in buildings.”

Operations Manager, Jonathan King

We are a reputable Quality Site Inspection consultancy with three decades of experience, providing industry respected Clerk of Works to undertake building inspections to identify potential defects and/or deficiencies that may later impact on the quality of UK construction projects.

To speak to us about Quality for your projects in 2021 including cladding projects, please contact our technical team on 01226 743959 or visit our website online at

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