Extension project at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, London

We work with NHS Trusts across the country ranging from several London based NHS Trusts through to Trusts located in the Midlands and North of England, undertaking the independent role of Quality Site Inspectors to oversee and report on all areas of quality during construction of their hospital and medical projects.

One of our most recent hospital projects that we are working on include the 3000sq.m Clinical Facility extension project at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We were appointed directly by Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust to oversee their new single-storey extension project with undercroft for plant room and storage, plus flexibility to build an additional floor. The building has a structural steel frame built on pad foundations, a new cladding system to aesthetically match the existing complex and carefully considered building and services interfaces too.

The current project will provide additional ward accommodation to alleviate winter bed pressures and allow future upgrades to the hospital complex.

Our Clerk of Works has been attending site 5 days a week and has been overseeing and acting on behalf of the Trust reporting on quality and progress, and advising accordingly throughout all stages of the construction project, working closely with the Trust, contractor and professional team throughout, since February 2018.

 “We chose one of our competent Building Clerks of Works who has over 30 years construction experience to inspect, report and manage the quality aspects of the project on behalf of our client. He has successfully undertaken other medical projects such as St George’s Hospital, Royal Berkshire Hospital, St Thomas’s Hospital and Brighton General Hospital to name just a few, so we knew that this extension project would be perfect for him to oversee and manage.”

Operations Manager, Jonathan King

To view some of our projects which span multiple sectors, please visit our projects section on our website.


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